You Will Never Throw Away Coffee Grounds After Watching This

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Drinking coffee is a daily activity for many people across the world. Whether you use an electric coffee maker, a French press or any other type of coffee brewing method, you may be wondering how you can avoid throwing all those spent coffee grounds into the garbage.
Here are 6 ways to recycle your used coffee grounds.

1.Add coffee grounds to your compost. One of the simplest ways to use leftover grounds is to add them to the rest of your compost. In addition to providing extra organic matter, coffee grounds are able to speed up the decomposing process in compost. Coffee grounds make excellent “green” matter as they are rich in nitrogen.  Also, beneficial worms may be attracted to your compost with the addition of old coffee grounds.  If you add a lot of coffee grounds to your compost, balance it out by adding some “brown” matter like dry leaves, twigs, newspaper, straw, corn husks, sawdust, and so on.

2.Absorb Food Odors.
Used coffee grounds can be used much like baking soda for absorbing food odors in the refrigerator and freezer.  Just load up a small open container with your old grounds, place it in the back of the fridge, then forget about it for a couple of weeks while you collect more grounds.  As an added bonus, after you remove smelly old grounds from the refrigerator or freezer, you can then toss them on the compost pile or use them as fertilizer!
3.Fertilize Your Garden.
If you grow azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses, or other acid-loving plants, then used coffee is the fertilizer for you!  Mix your old grounds with dead grass clippings, brown leaves, or dry straw to neutralize some of the acidity, then spread them around your plants.  Used coffee grounds add nitrogen and potassium to the soil as well as boosts magnesium which all plants need to stay healthy.
4.Use grounds to deter pests. Slugs and snails can chew-up your most prized plants, but they are not fond of coffee grounds. Sprinkle a handful of grounds around the bases of plants you want to protect. If you’re worried about increasing the acidity of the soil, make a solid ring of grounds farther away from the base. Coffee ground can also be used to keep fluffy away from your delicate plants.

5.Exfoliate Skin.
Coffee grounds make an excellent exfoliating body scrub!  Just add used grounds to a bit of warm water or your favorite all-natural oil (coconut oil works great!)  Then scrub your skin from head to foot to remove all of those icky dead skin cells.

6.Cellulite Treatment.
cellulite has many causes and for every cause there are at least a dozen “cures”
simple mix of used coffee grounds and warm. Use this scrub for ten minutes twice per week on any areas affected by cellulite.  Results should start to become apparent within four weeks of steady treatment.

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