Second Pu’er International Coffee Expo Coming March 13-17

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pu'er specialty coffee expo yunnan china

Pu’er coffee farm. Daily Coffee News photo by Connie Blumhardt.

The Pu’er International Specialty Coffee Expo will be returning for a second year, giving participants insight into the rapidly growing coffee sector in China from seed to cup.

Taking place March 13-17 in Pu’er City in the Yunnan province — where the vast majority of Chinese coffee is grown — the event will lead with a two-day forum with some 300 Chinese and international coffee professionals involving issues such as coffee production, quality, sustainability, prices, marketing, roasting and retailing.

Yunnan Coffee Exchange photo.

Cuppings, meetings and further educational sessions will be held March 15, while the expo will feature some 200 vendors from throughout the world. The event will conclude with coffee farm tours on March 16-17.

Last year’s inaugural event attracted more than 1,000 participants from throughout the world, and the coffee roasting and retail segments — as well as the sector as a whole through numerous Arabica-production-increasing initiatives in Yunnan — have continued to boom since then.

The Pu’er International Specialty Coffee Expo is organized by the Yunnan International Coffee Exchange as well as the U.S.-based Coffee Quality Institute.

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