How to extract Caffeine from Coffee

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We will be extracting some caffeine from coffee today! I used regular coffee grounds, but I think the process is actually faster and easier with instant coffee.

In theory the yield should have been hovering around 300mg if ALL the caffeine was removed. However, I got around 10% of that (30mg). Apparently 10g makes about a cup of coffee, so a yield of 30mg isn’t that horrible.

Industrially, the caffeine is made synthetically and not extracted because it isn’t really economical. The only time caffeine is extracted is for making decaffeinated coffee. But in that case, the end product is the coffee itself and the caffeine is a by-product. It is just much cheaper to make the caffeine directly.

Ill be doing a future video on how to get caffeine from caffeine pills.

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I am lazy and it is getting there. I have been spending most of my time focusing on filming new experiments, so I often forget about the other things.

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