Delonghi Magnifica 3500 Espresso Machine: What’s Brewing #42

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The redesigned Delonghi Magnifica 3500 improves upon the original model with the addition of a stainless steel-lined brew boiler for increased durability. Paired with a separate boiler for steaming and frothing, there is no longer any wait time between brewing and steaming. The redesigned model also features an improved low-pitch conical burr grinder, and takes versatility to a higher level with a digital display and built-in automatic frother. With fully programmable brewing settings and one-touch cappuccinos and lattes, the Magnifica 3500 lets you customize your espresso drinks to accommodate a variety of tastes. The 3500 features a smoked silver exterior and stainless steel accents, so not only does it brew for perfection, it also looks great in the kitchen.

The Magnifica’s push-button brewing system lets you decide whether to brew 1 or 2 cups, and since you can select to brew from ½ oz to 6 oz for each cup, you can make up to 12 oz of delicious coffee in just 1 step. The internal burr-grinder on the DeLonghi Magnifica 3500 also allows you to choose from 10 different fineness settings so you will brew delicious-tasting espresso every time. This machine’s 2-step pre-infusion system preserves full coffee flavor, and its simple frothing system whips up velvety, creamy cappuccinos with ease.

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